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Laurent Picone wrote

I hope you are fine. I arrived back safely in Holland. It was very nice to participate to Mojo weekend. I enjoyed it very much.
I gained a lot of confidence coming to the workshop, as the tutors are experienced musicians and have good references.
The major impact of the week end for me is to have gained a certain confidence in playing in front of an audience. As far as I learned some techniques the most difficult part is to translate that on a real stage with co-musicians in a real band environment. The session with Dino Baptiste was also very interesting, as he gave us a good idea on how to play in harmony with each other. Josh showed us in the solo lessons how to talk to each other with our instrument, and finally Richard provided us very useful information on how to play efficiently with only a few chords.

The tutoring is great and the best marketing you can have is to have the people who attend this course to talk about it.

Laurent Picone

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