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Dominic Langdon-Down wrote

I recently attended my 1st Mojo Weekend, as a drummer, and it certainly won't be my last!
There is no denying that any musician can only benefit from A: instruction and B: playing with others.
It boosts your confidence no end and accelerates your playing ability immeasurably, compared to practising on your own at home. Confidence is vital to any performer and with improvement in ability comes huge amounts of fun, which is what I think most amateur musicians are after!
The instruction given, whether one to one or as a group was excellent, and by being "pushed outside your comfort zone" showed you what you can do with help, even if it takes a few months to get there again on your own. You have been shown you can do it.
The progress made by playing as "a band" and performing in front of the others is great, and at no time was the feeling anything but positive! I never felt "be-littled" and all criticism was constructive. I think the motto should be "Less is More", the drum solos will come in time!

The Blues is the root of nearly all modern music and so is a good grounding to learn and start from. My only comment is that it was all over too quickly!

Dominic Langdon-Down

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