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Bob Battersby wrote

Great weekend playing with a wide range of musicians of different experience and ability. Very impressed how everyone worked together and drew from each other’s skills and interests. Nobody ‘showboated’ and nobody got left behind. A proper ensemble approach that benefited all of us.
Great playing with a drummer, something that I don’t do very often, and working up ideas with the guitarists. Picked up some useful practice routines and plenty of things to take home and work on.

Excellent tutoring and mentoring. All the tutors made sure that nobody was left behind, giving ‘one to one’ sessions where needed, and guiding the more experienced players to new ideas and styles. This was most noticeable among those who had little or no experience of playing with a band
All the hesitation of the first day’s ‘concert’ had disappeared by our public performance on the Sunday. All three bands sounded like bands!

Being taught bass warm up exercises by Jim Leverton, especially when he mentioned that he had been taught them by James Jameson, was (almost) worth its weight in gold . Its a Bass Thang!

Bob Battersby

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