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Mojo Weekends
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Mojo Weekends provides you with an opportunity to live, eat and breath music in the company of like-minded people, playing, learning, developing, chilling out, and ultimately having a great time. We use the excellent facilities at the Performing Arts Centre , Cranbrook School, located in the historic town of Cranbrook in the Weald of Kent.

The weekends run Saturday to Sunday 9.30am to 5.30pm. The cost includes all written material, use of the backline (amps, PA, drums) which is provided by our sponsor Bonners Music Ltd. Lunch is also provided, and the all important tea and coffee is available throughout the day.
The emphasis of tutoring is focused on performance in a live band environment. This will be delivered through a series of structured well planned workshops and seminars.
The weekend is limited to 25 students. We will guarantee a good mix of instruments playing in the bands, normally breaking down to five drummers, five bass players, and fifteen guitars or other instruments (harp, mandolin, accordian etc)
Please note, Saturday evening meal, and overnight accomodation is not included. Cranbrook is on the tourist trail however, and B&B is readily available. We have B&Bs on our links page.

For guitarists the course will cover everything from an introduction to simple and easy 12 bar blues chord progressions to playing structured intros, turnarounds, and solo phrasing. On the theory side, we shall build up a practical use of pentatonic minor and blues scales, and use of dominant chords. Not sure if your playing ability is good enough? Try these online exercises

Drum tuition will include playing simple rhythms, working with the bass player and understanding a drummers' role in the band. We also cover such areas as practice tips, note values, shuffle patterns, slow blues patterns, alternate cymbal patterns, hi hat exercises, bass drum variations and more.

A well respected musician once said the bass player is the 'glue' of the band, we certainly agree with that. A bass players job is working alongside the drummer in the 'engine room' keeping everything tight. If you are new to the bass, we will show you how to keep a rhythm driving by using simple root and 5th patterns, use of appropriate scales for walking bass line and improvising, understanding harmony and even chord theory. Not sure if your playing ability is good enough? Try this easy 12 bar exercise

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